Six handy tips to maximise the life of your exhibition graphics

Published on 27/11/2017

It’s a known fact: you’ve got a mere matter of seconds to grab visitors’ attention at trade shows. You may wonder, as you study the plans for your chosen exhibition, what the best attention-grabbing method could possibly be?

The answer is simple.  Invest in a stand that features one of the highest-impact components available.  In short, we’re talking about graphics.

We know from experience that exhibition stand graphics matter. A lot.

Correctly displayed and bespoke-designed to reflect your brand at its best, your graphics are guaranteed to work extremely hard at your event, generating mesmerising impact that will see you stand out amongst your competitors for all the right reasons.

So it goes to follow that scrimped investment in poor quality, lazy graphics won’t cut the mustard – which is something we’re sure you already know.  That’s why you did the right thing and commissioned a designer, decided on a key brand message and then, voila!  You’re in proud possession of a set of compelling graphics that attract interest every time they’re used.

Congratulations on getting those graphic panels just right.  Now you need to focus on taking proper care of them.  

In doing so, not only will you protect and maximise your hard-earned investment by removing the need for regular replacements…but if you take good care of your graphics, your graphics will take care of you (cheesy maybe, but also very true!)

So how exactly do you take good care of those graphics?  

1. Roll with care

Always roll flexible panels with the graphics facing outwards.  Why?  If you do this often enough, the panels will develop a ‘memory’ that will pull them naturally onto your stand frame.  

If you roll the panels with the graphics facing inwards, the opposite will happen.  The panels will do everything they can to avoid the frame, and your graphics won’t attach properly.

2. Avoid footprints 

Place your graphics directly onto your stand frame the moment they’re taken out of their case.  Not laying them out on a potentially dirty floor first will keep them clean – and avoid said footprints!

3. Roll with care – Part Two!  

When it comes to packing your panels away, roll each one individually, placing them inside one another in your storage case.  

Yes, it’s probably quicker to lay them all out and roll them up together, but you’ll save more time by not having to separate them later on.

4. Remove your graphic panels in an orderly fashion.  

Reverse order, to be precise.  Doing this will mean that when you use those graphics again, they’ll be nicely packed in the right order for you to re-attach quickly and easily.

5. Keep your graphics clean! 

An obvious tip, but one we’ve witnessed many companies ignoring.  

The graphic panels we produce here at Guardian Exhibition & Display are laminated, meaning there’s no excuse not to keep them clean when it’s such a quick and easy task.  

A handy pack of baby wipes or some glass cleaner will do the job perfectly – and while we’re on the subject of cleanliness, don’t cover your expensive display in Blu-Tack or Post-It notes!

6. Case in point

Keep your graphics safely stored inside their case between events.  If you have different panels for different shows, labelling the cases will save you time (not to mention potential embarrassment!) 

So there you have it.  Mostly effortless methods to keep those graphics working as hard as you do at your next event – and beyond!

Can we help you with anything graphic-related?  From initial consultation to illustrations, 3D-visualisation and final design, we’re on hand to make your exhibiting life that much easier.  Contact us here.


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