Event Branding

Visual communication for events 

What sort of event are you organising? 

Is it a conference? A trade show or an event for your company? 

Will there be 10 people attending or 1,000? Indoors or outside or a bit of both? 

Have you booked a purpose-built event venue or will you be adapting a location? 

There are many different types of event. However,  the elements of successfully branding each one are essentially the same. 

Visual communication is the term that we like to use to describe our approach to event branding.

And of course, it’s your brand that is the focus of our communication thinking. 

From the arrival experience to Wayfinding, we consider the particular job each piece of branding must fulfil.

We also consider how your brand is best represented and communicated to your audience. 

Choosing the right branding tools for your event

The tools that you can employ to convey messages around an event space are varied. 

They include giant banners; digital screens; product placements; vinyl on glass; graphic walls; branded rooms and stages to name just a few.  

Event branding is the art of visual communication in an event environment

The important thing is to choose the items that will do the job required in the environment where your event will be taking place. 

That’s how our approach to an event branding project works. 

We look at your success objectives and then we evaluate the best way to achieve those goals within the venue you have chosen. 

This is what will drive the branding recommendations that we will make to you.  

To discuss branding for an upcoming event

Do get in contact if you have an event coming up. 

We can talk about the objectives, the location and timing, the audience that will be attending and what your measures of success will be. 

Armed with that information we can then come back to you with an outline proposal and some branding ideas.

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For more on this subject, read our Event Branding Guide and get some immediate tips and advice. 

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