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  • Event Name - Albourne London Conference
  • Event Venue - IET London: Savoy Place

Held on 15th – 17th October at the celebrated venue IET London: Savoy Place, the 2018 Albourne London Conference cut an exclusive dash.

Naturally, for such an important occasion only the best will do, and our specialist team were called upon to print and supply a range of immaculate branding materials for the event.  

As a result, a number of rooms at the venue were equipped with our team’s polished and professional touch.  

Vibrant fabric banners adorned the expansive Kelvin Lecture Theatre, with smooth, colourful vinyl screen surrounds in the breakout rooms. Standalone printed fabric room dividers ensured everybody had enough space to talk business.

Meanwhile, our team of experts installed a series of clear, eye-catching graphics on the windows, lift doors and podiums, to ensure conference attendees knew exactly where they had to be.

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