Stand Design


Guardian Exhibition and Display are specialists in delivering engaging exhibition stands, displays and event branding. Whether you require a portable display for a shell scheme space or a fully customised build project, we will help you find the correct solution for your needs. We understand that attracting and successfully engaging with your future clients and existing client base at an exhibition is your top priority and we know exactly how to achieve this with a stand and its design. We offer everything from precision colour control to free demonstrations at your premises.


Design & Visualisation

It's sometimes tricky to imagine what the finished project will look like just from simple 2D illustrations and elevations. We have a two tier 3D
presentation system in place. The first is a fast solution to initially describe the stand, in its space, to a client together with the 2D plan. The
second is a more complex model and visualisation that will show the completed stand, any peripheral product and will check structure integrity.

Every job is unique (as are your needs), and so we personalise every visual with this in mind. This design and visualisation process also acts
as a buffer between the idea and eventual reality which saves you having to imagine.

Whether you have exact specifications of what you want, just a few ideas scratched down, or want us to completely design
it from the floor up, we promise to offer a flexible service all the way from raw plan to render to reality.

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When you order a display from most companies, the framework and graphics will be boxed up, sent out and delivered. This is all well and
good, but what if there’s a problem? Just a small problem with framework or graphics and the entire stand could be affected. We have
eliminated the possibility of such a nightmare through using nothing else but common sense.

A car manufacturer must put its cars through vigorous safety tests before they are deemed fit to sell, and an exhibition stand must be in
complete working order before it is delivered. This is the reason we pre-build 100% of our displays before delivery.

We believe this should be a standard service for every single client, and so we deliver it every single time. We even invite all of our
clients to see their stand at our facility before delivery for a short training session and added peace of mind.

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Our team are all seasoned fitting technicians and know the systems inside out. They are courteous, smart and if you're on site, will work with you to
achieve total satisfaction. If you are not able to be there to see the stand built, then we will send you a completed photo by email when we're done.

Though we are only 40 minutes or so from London ExCeL, we have travelled far and wide all over the UK and Europe, from Swindon to Scotland
and France to Sweden. We believe this is a substantial additional service over most of our competitors.

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We have a simple mantra here at Guardian Exhibition & Display; quality hardware, quality service and quality print. We only supply the most
durable hardware and offer the complete service to all of our clients, but it is the quality of the print that is our top priority.

We offer only the highest quality premium graphics for all of our displays. Whether the display is portable or fully installed, we use the most
vivid, 'wide gamut', colour technology and durable materials available to make sure your stand looks vibrant and Pantone® true. We’re not
prepared to let down our clients with weak materials and poor quality print, because we know just how important it is to brand consistent
across all your marketing material.

We run a substantial 10 point proof check and report on all incoming client-created artwork before going to print ensuring everything is
up to our high standards, as well as providing detailed colour management post-print and during pre-build.

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So you’ve just finished your exhibition, and everything has gone well. Now the clients are leaving with a wallet full
of business cards and you’re left with a display stand and nowhere to put it. Well, that’s what we’re here for.

As well as providing installation and removal, we can also provide storage of all of your hardware, graphics and equipment.
All you need to do is let us know when you need it again and we’ll deliver it right to your door or to the show.

Put your displays in the hands of professionals, and we’ll look after it so you can save yourself time, space and hassle.

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