Essential exhibition checklist.

A Marketing Manager's essential exhibition checklist.

Published on 02/03/2017

You may have noticed that we’re heading fast into spring, the perfect time of year for rebirth and growth (or so we’re always being told!)  Here at Guardian Exhibition and Display, we’re of the opinion that your company can benefit from its very own springtime growth spurt, resulting from positive promotion at exhibitions and trade events.

Getting events just right is vital, and we know it’s not easy to cover all the bases when you’re busy.  So this week our knowledgeable team have been busy putting their perfectly-groomed heads together to come up with a checklist of exhibition essentials that no self-respecting Marketing Manager should be without!

1. Make sure everybody knows your objectives for the show

As a marketing professional, you’ll be used to working at breakneck speed, ensuring everything is ready to go in the run-up to event day. 
One thing we’ve seen time and again however, is that no matter how slick your display or how engaging your standholders, if your team don’t understand why they’re there, it’s a good bet they’ll use the wrong tactics for your event objectives.  So if your plan is to generate a certain number of leads, or focus on a niche section of your business – make sure everybody knows it! 

2. Ensure your exhibition stand displays your message clearly

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep on saying it…because the importance of including a well-designed stand at your exhibition just can’t be emphasised enough.  (Yes we’re biased, but we’re also very experienced in these matters, so trust us!).
Event visitors won’t have time to chat with everyone they pass, so from the moment they arrive they’ll be on the lookout for the right companies to approach.  A clear and eye-catching stand will help them sort the wheat (you) from the chaff (your competitors!). 

3. Organise all your promotional material in good time for the show

Leaving your promotional material to the last minute is just inviting mistakes you really don’t need.  Get everything together well in advance, check it thoroughly and make sure it showcases your company at its clearest, boldest best.

4. Pre-book all your travel arrangements and accommodation

This is another essential not to leave to the last minute.  Well, at least not unless you fancy a stay in the grubbiest B&B in the area, preceded by standing room only on the train.

5. Use social media to promote your appearance at the show

Social media equals free publicity, so get hashtagging!  Remember that social media has different uses – employ Twitter for short, snappy updates, Instagram for some fun pictures of your pre-show prep, and Facebook to profile who visitors are going to meet on exhibition day.  Encourage your followers to retweet and share your updates for maximum coverage.

6. Use a quick and easy method to collate leads

There are plenty of whizzy apps available to help you capture leads, but even a handwritten form is better than nothing…as long as your team know exactly what they need to do, and what information they have to get for the all-important follow-up.  Which brings us to…

 7. Give clear instructions for lead follow-up after the show

You need to keep up the momentum after the initial buzz from your event has passed. Don’t rely on anyone contacting you – ensure your team is ready to follow up quickly, and watch all that new business come flooding in!
Looking for even more ways to make an impactful impression at your next event?  Our friendly team is always happy to advise – simply contact us and see what your business and our experience can create together.


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