Modular Exhibition Stands

Our brand of modular display is called Versaform.

The name chosen expresses the two most important qualities of our display system; Versatility and Flexibility. 

If used within shell scheme stands, Versaform components sit just in front of shell scheme walls.

We use a link system that bends around the straight edges of a typical shell stand. 

This transforms the look and feel of standard and often drab shell displays.

This is hugely important because this helps an exhibitor's stand to pop-out from its shell scheme neighbours and to be much more visible to event attendees.

Alternatively, Flex can be used as a stand-alone display on a space only site.

The range of Flex components provide many great design options.

You can also add bespoke items such as lighting, digital screens, desks, iPads, shelving, literature racks.

This means that you have a stand that is better suited to the type of products or services that your company provides. 

All hardware comes with a lifetime guarantee and will provide you with a display for every single show without fail.

In all modesty, this system and the value that it offers has to be seen to be believed.

That's why we offer free, no obligation 3D Visual presentations and on-site demonstrations.

Call 01702 662 111 to discuss your requirements or email [email protected]  

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Move your exhibiting to a higher and brighter level

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Versaform Lite

For an incredibly lightweight and flexible display solution that is compact, easy to assemble, transport and re-use, Versaform Lite is the perfect choice.

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Versaform Flex

Versaform Flex is our recommended solution for clients attending shows throughout the year where the shell scheme manufacturer may be different each time, or their stand spaces are varied.

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Is A Modular Stand Right For Your Business?

A modular exhibition stand is a natural progression in event investment for exhibitors who want a more impactful presence when they exhibit. 

Modular stands are usually the “next step” along from exhibiting with shell scheme. 

They bridge the gap between shell displays and fully customised stands. 

Built from standard components, modular displays can fit into a wide variety of stand shapes and sizes. 

And, unlike their more expensive custom cousins, they can be reused many times over. 

For this reason, they make a great option for companies that take part in multiple events each year. 

Plus, you can keep adding new parts to your stand kit. 

This means that the reconfiguration and “freshening-up” possibilities of modular stands are huge.

It’s a big reason why they so popular and so widely used. 

So, to answer the question…

  • A modular stand is the right option if you are looking for a personalised display designed for your business and your products and services 
  • If you are a shell scheme exhibitor, you can use Versaform Flex to achieve standout from your shell scheme neighbours - This makes you more visible to the people that you most want to meet and do business with 
  • If you take part in more than one show a year, our system can be adapted to the size of space that you occupy - You are not tied to a set stand configuration
  • Display panels can be refurbished easily and cost-effectively as and when required 
  • The more times you use a modular display system, the more cost-effective it becomes 


Move your exhibiting to a higher and brighter level

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