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The world's first fully flexible exhibition display

Versaform Flex is our recommended solution for clients attending shows throughout the year where the shell scheme manufacturer may be different each time, or their stand spaces are varied.

How will you flex it?

Versaform Flex is the world’s first fully flexible display system and is exclusive to Guardian Display. The system is completely modular and sits just in front of the shell scheme walls, designed to snake around the edges and fit into any exhibition space. Whether you have a 6x4 shell scheme with three walls to cover, a 1x2 with two walls to cover, a space only plot or anything in-between you can add to and remove from the system as and when you need to so that you will always have a solution for every show. Each 800mm wide unit is joined together by our flexi-link, which is flexible up to 180 degrees allowing for endless reconfiguration.

Adapt to any environment - shell scheme or space only

You can also add bespoke items such as lighting, television screens, desks, iPads, shelving, literature racks and much more. All hardware comes with a lifetime guarantee and will provide you with a display that will cover the walls for every single show without fail.

The system truly has to be seen to be believed, which is why we offer free, no obligation 3D Visual presentations and on-site demonstrations so that you can decide for yourself. If you would like to book a free appointment to see the system, please fill out the contact form to your left or give us a call on 
01702 662111.

Product Highlights

  • Easy, tool-free set-up
  • Complete flexibility, will fit in ANY exhibition space
  • Add bespoke items (e.g AV equipment, desks, shelving, etc.)
  • Strong, durable framework with a lifetime guarantee
  • Easy transport (can fit into the boot of a car)
  • Reshape and reconfigure for a new display every time
  • Tensionless graphics (easy to hang, no curled edges)


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3m x 2m - Guardian Display

3m x 2m


3m x 3m - Guardian Display

3m x 3m


4m x 3m - Guardian Display

4m x 3m


5m x 3m  - Guardian Display

5m x 3m


5m x 3m  - Guardian Display

5m x 3m


6m x 3m - Guardian Display

6m x 3m


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