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  • Event Name - NEC
  • Event Venue - BDIA
  • Product - Versaform Flex

After meetings at their offices in Haverhill, Wisdom Toothbrushes decided on using Guardian Display to produce a reusable, modular exhibition stand for their 2015/2016 events calendar. The stand combined both the Versaform Flex system and two brand new bespoke showcase towers to create a curved backdrop that could be reconfigured into various different spaces in future.

The showcase towers featured both an elevated TV screen and encased shelving unit on each side, complemented by Wisdom’s branding. These towers were built at 3m to allow them additional visibility in their shell scheme space, with the Maxi height Versaform Flex providing their main graphic backdrop at 2.4m. The difference in height gave the stand depth, which was further increased by overlapping the Flex panels to create an invisible walkway that allowed the client to access their stored items.

The stand will be stored and completely managed by Guardian Display, incorporating an installation and breakdown service at various events across the country. The stand is the best of both worlds for the client, combining the benefits of a reusable, modular system that can be adapted to various spaces at various shows with the bespoke nature of the showcase towers. This stand once again showcases Guardian Display’s ability to produce custom-looking stands using modular framework


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