• Event Name - St George Street
  • Event Venue - Discover Conference
  • Product - Versaform Flex

Pershing has been a fully managed client of Guardian Display for several years now, and their stands are always a joy to produce. The Versaform Flex has proven to be the most flexible modular system on the market, and once again Pershing has taken full advantage. Investing into the system back in 2012, this is their fourth reskin of the stand to coincide with their “Discover” Conference that they host annually.

Instead of constantly purchasing new stands for each event they do, they  update their graphics and leave their reusable Versaform Flex stand in the capable hands of our stand fitters and build technicians, knowing that Guardian Display will be on hand to produce the fantastic quality of print that allows Pershing’s vivid artwork to stand out in the crowd. After reskinning their stand and installing it at the show, we break it down and store it in our facility ready for their next event, and eagerly await their next set of excellently designed artwork.


Versaform Flex

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