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  • Event Name - Move it 2015 and Danza
  • Event Venue - London Olympia & Fiera Florence
  • Product - Versaform Build modular stand

Before investing into Guardian Display’s Versaform Build, Bloch UK previously used stand contractors to produce a bespoke exhibition stand for each show they attended. They soon realised that the “build and burn” nature of MDF-based builds was simply not beneficial for their requirements. Due to the fact the client attends several shows throughout the year, constantly reinvesting into one-off stands that cost tens of thousands of pounds to re-install created a financial black hole.  

The Versaform Build system is a completely modular exhibition solution that can be manipulated and reconfigured to fit in a variety of stand spaces, without the need to buy a whole new stand each time. Using its patented clamping system, the stand is produced using a variety of beams and arms that can be easily assembled by our professional stand fitters in just a few hours. The savings we make on time and contracted labour costs are passed directly onto the client, which means we can offer some of the most competitive reinstallation prices in the industry for space only builds.

Due to previous issues with custom build stands, it was important to the client that they could see the stand in its entirety before it goes live at their events. Here at Guardian Display, we pre-build all of our stands at our facility in Essex before they are installed at the show, which means the client has complete peace of mind and can even see the stand in the flesh before the show.

The benefits of the Versaform Build struck a chord with the client, and they decided to invest into the 3.5m high stand after meetings at our showroom and 3D visualisations of their proposed display.  Bloch UK gained ownership of all of their graphics and hardware, which means that their only future reinvestments will be our minimal installation fees and storage costs.

The system we created was built for two 5x6 island spaces at Move It, Olympia and Danza, Florence, with each show targeting different markets.

The Move It show targeted customers directly, so it required a storage area for stock, two changing rooms with lockable doors, four reusable shelving units for the merchandise and five custom-made reusable hanging display units. This was complemented by a fully branded freestanding counter display.

The Danza show in Florence was aimed at wholesalers whom Bloch were targeting to stock their products. This means that we removed the changing rooms and placed the focus on the hanging display units and product shelving, so that there was more space on stand to speak to potential stockists.

By analysing the client’s requirements and consulting with them on various aspects of their branding and what they wanted to achieve on stand, we were able to produce a long-term reusable solution that gave them peace of mind, but most importantly an attractive and functional exhibition stand. Now the client has complete ownership of their equipment and graphics, they only need to give us a call and let us know when they want it to be reinstalled again without having to worry about extortionate reinstallation fees or whether or not the stand will be finished in time.

They now have the confidence so that they can place their focus on the sales and marketing at the show, whilst we look after the rest.


Versaform Flex

"For Bloch, Guardian Displays's service has been exemplary. From original concept and design work through to full ongoing support and set up for all our trade shows over a number of years. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody."

General Manager

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