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Interactive engagement

We are currently in the Age of Technology, and smartphones, computers and gaming are some of the most thriving industries in the world. Interactive engagement is not just an additional feature of an exhibition stand; it is becoming an integral part of promoting a brand or campaign. Using television screens, iPads, laptops and even games consoles has not only become commonplace, but is now essential for attracting the attention of clients at an exhibition.

If you have a multi-functional engagement centre with iPads, TVs and other interactive materials, you are much more likely to attract people to your stand. No matter how good your sales people are it will always be up to your stand, graphics, give-aways and interaction to catch a client's attention. If you don't have something to make them look your way, they will keep their eyes fixed on the floor. This is why interaction is so important, we live in a world where technology is still fascinating, so take advantage of it while you can!

iPad/Tablet holders

Whether you need a branded, free standing iPad holder, or you need an iPad bezel mounted onto a counter top, we can provide a range of solutions so that you have a means to broadcast your web based content in an easily accessible way for clients. We have various shapes and sizes that will give your exhibition stand a dynamic and stylish interactive feature. Whether it is individual stands or multi-bezel stands for 360 degree client engagement, we will find a solution to suit your needs.

Television screens & laptops

Many of our stands are strong enough to incorporate mounted television screens that seamlessly work with the surrounding graphics. We can also provide counter tops for laptops for additional interaction. Portray your brand message or campaign video on your stand, and provide your clients with a reason to stick around.

Innovation opportunities

Never be afraid to ask a question. We pride ourselves on our flexible service, so if you want to know if there is a way to incorporate any interactive features that you haven't already seen in our previous work then just ask! We're always happy to hear new ideas and develop new ways to attract clients to your stand. If you can dream it, then we can make it happen.

Delivery lead time: Up to 3 weeks.

Product Highlights

  • Engage clients through the use of exciting technology
  • Present your branding via corporate videos or presentations
  • Use as an ice-breaker to introduce your services
  • Attract more potential clients to your stand
  • Create competitions and promote giveaways
  • Adds a high-impact feature to your exhibition stand
  • Tablet stands for all of the latest tablets including iPads 

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