Busy exhibitions are often rushed and hectic places…and our team at Guardian Exhibition & Display know that a fully furnished stand, complete with comfy seating, can be a very inviting place indeed!

The Flux range of furniture we supply represent the ideal solution for helping your visitors and stand team rest their weary feet, as well as keeping everybody perfectly informed about your company.

Whether you’re in need of tables and chairs for private on-stand meetings, professional counters with casual stools, or even a deluxe iPad holder, our clean-lined Flux furniture is brandable, portable, tool-free and quick to assemble – meaning you can leave all that clunky office furniture exactly where it belongs!  

Interested?  Then why not browse our eco-friendly Flux furniture options?  You’re sure to find something that fits your needs, and our handy shopping system means you can have your ideal furniture delivered within days.

As ever, our expert team are on hand to help with any questions.   Simply contact us to get started.

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Flux Furniture

Everything in the range can be set-up in seconds and flat-packed into the boot of a car, it is light enough to be transported by one person, and strong enough to hold their weight.

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