Our Work


  • Event Name - Heimtextil
  • Event Venue - The Messe, Frankfurt
  • Product - Custom Stand Build using Aluvision Frames
  • Stand Size - 23m x 10m

The double deck stand we built for Welspun at The Messe, in Frankfurt was a truly impressive installation that showcased our client's bedding, towels, and fabrics. The stand featured cutting-edge LED tiles that were strategically placed all around the exhibition space, creating an immersive and engaging experience for visitors. The LED tiles displayed dynamic content that was designed to catch the eye and draw visitors into the stand.

One of the standout features of the stand was the LED tunnel, which displayed an interactive game for Wimbledon. The game was an exciting and engaging way for visitors to interact with our client's products, providing a memorable and fun experience for all. The LED tunnel used advanced LED technology to create a stunning visual effect, further enhancing the exhibition experience.

To ensure that the stand was both visually impressive and sustainable, we used Aluvision frames cladded in fabric panels and lightboxes. This choice of materials allowed us to create a visually stunning and sustainable exhibition space that showcased our client's products in the best possible light. The fabric panels and lightboxes provided a visually stunning backdrop for our client's products, while the Aluvision frames ensured that the stand was sturdy and long-lasting.

Overall, this was a truly impressive installation that showcased our client's products in an engaging and memorable way.

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