The proven route to exhibition results transformation


There are three important elements of event marketing that we address when asked to transform exhibiting results. 


The first is the design of the stand

We create stands that work extremely effectively in building sales. 

Our whole approach is based on helping your business stand out clearly to the people and companies that you most want to be trading with. 

Many pages within this website show examples of our work in this area. 

Link to this page for some of those examples and you can see details of our approach.


The second element we work on is increasing the number of visitors to the stand

Infotainment is a powerful way to build stand traffic, to entertain and inform audiences and to create a stir within an event space.

It's also a superb way to generate social media content and coverage.



This is one of the unique ways that Guardian Display will help you transform your exhibiting results.

From branded talks that will have crowds jamming an aisle to presenters that draw people onto your stand and more importantly hold them there...

We would be delighted to tell you more about how this works. Call us now on 01702 662 111 or email [email protected]


Team selection and training: The third element of exhibiting success

The team that will be working with you at a trade show are brand ambassadors for your business.

Team members who will be creating for many visitors, their first impression of your company.

It's vital that impression is first class.

We offer two services that will ensure you have the best possible team working on your stand.

The first is an assessment of the sales personality of potential team members.

Our test will identify the best candidates based on their answers to a range of questions.

The questions and methodology have been designed to show their suitability and willingness to be salespeople at trade events.

It's a well-proven system and we can put it at your disposal. 

Secondly, we can also provide training for your stand team.

The important thing to note about our training is that it's personalised.

We will incorporate into the training session details relating to your particular stand and its location in the hall. 

This way, everyone working at the show has a good idea of how things should work on the day. 

Sales tactics, opening remarks, lead handling and management.

These subjects are all covered.

The result? 

A thoroughly briefed and enthusiastic team supporting you at the show and fully ready to be there. 


10 Reasons to engage The Audience Magnet

  • Increased trade show brand awareness
  • Delivering your message in a engaging business manor
  • Become the highlight of the trade show
  • Get all the other stands talking about you 
  • Pack your stand with trade show attendees
  • Bock the isle with passers by
  • Standing out is the key to trade show success
  • Be seen & be heard
  • Business messaging with a magic twist
  • Magic messaging is trade show waiting to happen 

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