Design & Visualisation

It's sometimes tricky to imagine what the finished project will look like just from simple 2D illustrations and elevations. We have a two tier 3D
presentation system in place. The first is a fast solution to initially describe the stand, in its space, to a client together with the 2D plan. The
second is a more complex model and visualisation that will show the completed stand, any peripheral product and will check structure integrity.

Every job is unique (as are your needs), and so we personalise every visual with this in mind. This design and visualisation process also acts
as a buffer between the idea and eventual reality which saves you having to imagine.

Whether you have exact specifications of what you want, just a few ideas scratched down, or want us to completely design
it from the floor up, we promise to offer a flexible service all the way from raw plan to render to reality.



The purchase of your new display or exhibition stand doesn't end with the sale. We want your project to look its best when it is presented to you and
ultimately your audience. We also offer to take the strain off you when organising your event and look after all the design aspects. This includes the
planning of space, flow of delegates, visual aspects your visitors will approach etc.

All our designers know the systems and products inside out and so ultimately will save you the time and stress creating your own print ready
artwork in often unfamiliar formats or sizes. We will plan your space and manage how visitors will approach, view or interact with your stand;
advise or suggest possible graphical layout and emphasis; create the print files without you having to worry about formats, colour correction,
preflight issues or quality. We will ensure it is all "on brand" and looks crisp and perfect for you.

Please get in touch if you would like a chat regarding your ideas and explore some options.


6m x 4m

5.5m x 2m

6m x 2m

5m x 3m

6m x 4m

10m x 9m


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