• Event Name - UCL
  • Product - Versaform flex

After our initial meeting with the University College of London, where we demonstrated the full capabilities of our Versaform Flex system, the client decided to invest into a four-panel system with an integrated table top and graphic wraparound. We used our premium graphics to showcase the university’s venues in high-resolution. The table top integration allowed them more space for storage as well as having a stand to display any products, business cards, etc. without the need for additional furniture.

The flexibility of the system will now allow UCL to create any shape they need for future exhibitions, whilst still having seamless graphics and a sturdy structure.The stand was pre-built at our showroom in Leigh-On-Sea before we sent it for delivery in order to check it for quality control. This is standard practice for all of our systems to make sure that there are no nasty surprises on the day of the exhibition. We also offer full instructions and guidance on how to assemble the system completely free of charge.



Versaform Flex

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