• Event Name - Square Meal 2015
  • Event Venue - London
  • Product - Versaform Build

For the past few years, Guardian Display has produced a variety of displays for Searcy’s at the Square Meal show in London. This year the high-end restaurant upped their game at the show as we produced a stand that replicated one of London’s most iconic landmarks.
Using our Versaform Build system, we produced a graphic backdrop, sleekly designed with a minimalist image of the London skyline that linked onto the replica of The Gherkin. The radius corners gave the stand a bespoke look that maintained all of the benefits of its modular framework. We also installed a door in the section for storage whilst hosting a TV on the opposite side for the client’s corporate video.
Searcy’s stand is yet another example of the unique possibilities that we can create using our modular Versaform Build system.


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