• Product - Versaform Flex

Maximiles invested into a four-module Versaform Flex system in March this year and upon realising the potential of the display, decided to increase the size to a nine-module in order to achieve the desired “W” shape for 6x3 stand space at Marketing Week Live in June.  The system’s ultimate flexibility meant that it was the only modular display available that could create such a shape, but could also be broken down and re-configured to create a multitude of other potential shapes in future.

The client was originally going to buy into a custom build solution, but they realised that huge cost savings could be made by simply building onto their portable stand. The new system included two TV screens with Semi-Circle table attachments and hired furniture that complemented the colours of the stand perfectly.

Despite the increase of the Flex by five modules, the system stayed completely tool-free and self-assembly, allowing the client to build and transport the stand themselves, saving them even more money on installation fees. We provided a free training day at our showroom in Leigh-On-Sea, Essex with one of our expert build technicians, allowing them to take complete management of the display for future shows, without having to spend more money in future.


Versaform Flex

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