British Antarctic Survey

  • Event Name - New Scientist Live
  • Event Venue - ExCeL London
  • Product - Versaform Lite
  • Stand Size - 5m x 4m

New Scientist Live is no ordinary show.  Billed as “the world’s most exciting festival of ideas”, the fascinating London-based event features compelling speakers and seminars that focus on all areas of human life – complete with immersive zones that include engineering, technology, Earth and Cosmos.

We helped British Antarctic Survey navigate their 5m x 4m floorspace at London’s ExCeL with a 2.2m frame and 14 panel Versaform Lite kit that perfectly  showcased their valuable research work.

With two TV mounts, visitors could be kept fully entertained at the approachable stand, which was built to be extremely portable, collapsing down into just four cases (which double up usefully as counters!).  Better still, the stand can be fully set up in under an hour by a maximum of just two people.

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Versaform Lite

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