• Event Name - Inspiring Leadership conference
  • Event Venue - ICC Birmingham
  • Product - Versaform Build

Having previously produced a Versaform Flex stand for ASCL at previous conferences, the client decided that Versaform Build would be better suited to this particular event. They required us to create an open area for networking and reception branded in the show’s colours on a high-level to be the showpiece of their conference.

In order to produce this stand, Guardian Display used Versaform Build components to create four towers at each corner of their 6x6 space only island. These were joined together by four specialised 4m gantry sections that allowed them to both showcase the brand and the show, but also opened the area up to visitors. This allowed us to fill the rest of the stand with furniture and a central reception desk using our Versaform Bar exhibition counter. The raised flooring also complemented the both the height and the colours of the stand to further represent the show’s branding.

Although the stand was a one-off on a hire basis, the client owns their graphics and will be able to reuse these in future if they need to. If not, they can simply hire the framework again and have new graphics produced for next year’s event or have a completely new stand hired to them. The custom modular nature of the Versaform Build system allows our clients to be flexible and imaginative with their ideas, without the fear that their ambitions will be limited by budget.


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