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When you order a display from most companies, the framework and graphics will be boxed up, sent out and delivered. This is all well and good, but what if there’s a problem? Just a small problem with framework or graphics and the entire stand could be affected. We have eliminated the possibility of such a nightmare through using nothing else but common sense.

A car manufacturer must put its cars through vigorous safety tests before they are deemed fit to sell, and an exhibition stand must be in complete working order before it is delivered. This is the reason we pre-build 100% of our displays before delivery. Whether you have a simple roller banner or custom modular build, we will check everything from hardware to graphics, from electrics to audio-visual in order to make sure everything works perfectly before we send it out to you.

We believe this should be a standard service for every single client, and so we deliver it every single time. We even invite all of our clients to see their stand at our facility before delivery for a short training session and added peace of mind.