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Client: Tomy

Details - 5x3 MediaFabric, Versaform Build, Foamex Cut-Out, Cafe Barriers

Event Name - Chuggington Marketing Campaign

Tomy approached Guardian Display earlier in the year with a display requirement to help launch their “Chuggington” marketing campaign. The popular children’s TV series has a huge range of merchandise available to fans, and Tomy needed a display that they could tour around the UK at various shopping centres and events. The stand needed to be portable, easy to assemble and provide a safe and secure environment for children.

We created the graphic backdrop using a 5x3 MediaFabric display, which incorporates a collapsible framework that can be set-up in seconds, and a premium quality fabric panel that attaches via Velcro. The archway was made using our Versaform Build modular system which required 360 degree graphic coverage, and a Foamex cut-out for the “Chuggington” logo. Finally, we provided café barriers with a hanging graphic to complete an enclosed area that didn’t block the visitor’s viewpoint, which gave the stand an important combination of a colourful and open space that also provided safety and security.